If your Mum is like ours here at NIO Cocktails then your Mum is everything. An absolute magical mix of unique ingredients.

With Mother’s Day coming soon you want to gift something special. Not the standard fare of framed photos or flowers. The challenge is that unusual Mother’s Day gifts are risky, particularly if this is your first one. So how do you go about this? 

Now this is a challenge that is famously recognised around the world - how to impress Mum!? However, there are slight differences in Mother’s Day celebrations across the world and these differences are worth being aware of as the world becomes smaller.

In Norway, Mother’s Day is celebrated the second Sunday in February. The Vikings in the northern part of Europe start the day by serving mum a quality cup of coffee, accompanied by a tasty piece of cake and a colourful bouquet of flowers, most likely roses. FYI, Norway also has one of the best maternal health care systems in the world; almost as good as our Daiquiri. Norwegians like to supplement the gifting process with either home made cinnamon buns or a classical cream cake called bløtkake.
NIO Cocktails UK 100ml gin daiquiri premixed package and unique mothers day gift set with delivery

In the United States, Mother's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May – this year it’s on May 10th. Similar to Norway, kids have a tendency to make breakfast for their mommies. However, what really stood out for us is that phone calls seems to be the more convenient way of celebrating mum, not really surprising given the sheer size of the country and the challenges of being in the same place at the same time for this specific day. In case of point, call volume goes up by 11 % on Mother’s Day with approximately 120 million Mother’s Day calls made.

Not convinced on the importance of Mother’s Day in the US? Think again. Not only does call volume go up in the States, but it appears to be the most important and busiest day for restaurants as well, busier than Valentine’s Day. Astonishing. Just like the smoothness of our Whiskey Sour.

The same thing goes for the flower industry: a whopping 69% plan to buy flowers to their mums. We'll give you a solid alternative further down, so keep reading. While Americans celebrate millions of mums on the North American continent, the second Sunday in May is also official Mother’s Day in countries like Australia, China, Japan, South Africa, Vietnam and India.

Flowers are a core choice of gifts around the world, but there are some rare exceptions. E.g. in Thailand long parades with Jasmine gifts are the norm!

If we’re speaking about serious Mother’s Day celebrations, let’s not forget about Mexico. One of the busiest days of the year, many Mexicans celebrate mum with music, specifically with a morning serenade taken from La Mananitas and Mariachi singers:

"Awaken, my dear, awaken and see that the day has dawned now the little birds are singing and the moon has set.”

NIO Cocktails UK 100ml tequila margarita premixed package and unique tequila mothers day gift set with delivery
Can NIO Cocktails build on this? Absolutely; we recommend our Margarita for your mum’s gift. She. Will. Love. It. And remember to serve it with music!

The former Soviet Union originally celebrated Mother’s Day on March 8th, the same day as International Women’s Day. After 1998, Mother’s Day was moved to the last Sunday of November to avoid this ‘clash’ in order to give special attention to mums. However, tradition is difficult to part from and much gifting still happens in March. FYI, our Garden of Russia tastes equally good, whether it’s November or March.

We all know that the mum in Italy holds a special role. La mamma is the gracious god of the family and should be honoured properly. In Italy this celebration goes back to ancient Rome as a spring ritual to honour the goddess Rhea, the mother of Romulus and Remus, the founders of Rome. Festa della mamma is celebrated with poetry, good food and family. The day concludes with a grand finale: a sweet cake. We recommend taking it to the next level by adding a bittersweet Negroni.

Since our cocktails are made in Italy, we would like to hit you with another fun fact. Did you know that Mother’s Day or as they say in Italian, festa della mamma, has become the most popular day of the year to dine out in Italy? Also, a heart shaped cupcake with sprinkles is a favourite for Italian mums. 

In the 1920s in France, medals would be presented to mothers of large families as a sign of gratitude for helping rebuild the population after World War 1, while Frenchmen these days prefer to make extravagant, flower-shaped cakes for their mums. Our Boulevardier might not be a medal, but it is certainly extraordinary.

Last, but not least: the three-day Anthrost-festival in Ethiopia. After a rainy season, Ethiopians celebrate Mother’s Day in late Autumn across three dedicated days where they gather for a big feast. Daughters typically bring vegetables, sides and butter, while sons bring meat of various types. A grandiose celebration shared by all family members. The same way our Dinner Boxes are created to share with people you love and care about. 
NIO Cocktails UK 100ml vodka cosmopolitan premixed package and unique tequila mothers day gift set with delivery
Do you know how many mums there are in the world? Two billion. That’s an impressive number, almost as impressive as our Cosmopolitan. And did you know that the first Arab country in the world to recognise Mother’s Day was Egypt? Yes, they did this in 1956 with other countries following suit afterwards. 

We love variety. The same way mothers around the world are celebrated in various ways. Every mum is special and deserves a special gift. Fest della Mamma. Morsdag. Mothers day. Dia de la Madre. Fetes des Meres. Muttertag.

Call it what you want. Mum remains important around the globe and we think the team here at NIO Cocktails UK have answered the question of how you can deliver an unusual mother’s day gift or a first mother’s day gift, while also enhancing the celebration of a fantastic mum. It does not matter where you are from.

We have a unique selection of 14 classic cocktails ready for you to create a personalised Mother’s Day gift. Your question: will it be a ‘unique enough’?

Our answer: almost definitely - there are over 5,000 cocktail combinations you can make when building a 3, 6 or 9 - box of cocktails. That’s a great amount of combinations. But to make it a 100% personalised & unique we need something extra! 

That’s why we want you to personalise a message you’d like included on your gift card and we’ll prepare it and place it with the cocktails. As simple as that - just let us know what message you’d like included by typing it in the Gift Message box during checkout.

Want home delivery to you or your Mum? Just let us know when placing your order and we’ll take care of it. Our box fit perfectly through your letterbox.

Now, you may be a little anxious about choosing the right cocktails for Mother’s Day. We advice you to include a Daiquiri, Cosmopolitan and a Margarita in your selection; after all, these are the most popular classic cocktails amongst women (UK).
NIO Cocktails UK 100ml bourbon manhattan premixed package and unique tequila mothers day gift set with delivery
If you are looking for something extra, we can reveal that our whiskey - based cocktails, primarily Manhattan and Whiskey Sour are big winners with our mums. Our Negroni cocktail is also constantly amazing everyone.

And if you’re curious on how we are so confident that our ready-to-savour cocktails are delicious, read about our global mixologist Patrick Pistolesi and take a look at the ingredients we included in each of our cocktails; we only use mixologist expertise blended with premium brands to craft NIO Cocktails.

Finally, if you want to have a little fun with your Mother’s Day Cocktails, why not do something similar to your own blind tasting activity; prepare your NIO Cocktails away from your mum, present them as a homemade Mother’s Day gift of cocktails and get your camera ready to capture the moments when;
  1. She can’t believe how good a mixologist you’ve become; the look on her face will be the same amazement we’ve seen many times over when serving NIO cocktails.

  2. Expresses how happy she is for the fact that you didn’t get her a bee sting treatment.

  3. Your mum announces that your gift was absolutely superior to everyone else’s.

  4. She reads through your personal gift card and gets that classic mum smile on her face.

  5. Voila, the unique gift for the special moment you had been waiting for.

Happy Mother’s Day, everyone!

NIO Cocktails
; making new Mother’s Day memories.

PS: we’ve challenged ourselves here at NIO Cocktails UK to take a bunch of photos of our Mother’s Day celebrations and we’ll be posting these on our Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest accounts. 

We’d love for you to do the same, because there’s nothing better than sharing great occasions and great memories with friends and family.