Cocktails for Wholesale, Hospitality & Events

Supplying our award-winning, ready-to-pour cocktails across retail, hospitality and event partners

Incredible Choice, Incredible Convenience

From Travel & Hospitality to Entertainment, Retail and Events, NIO Cocktails supplies its expertly crafted cocktails across multiple channels. We work with you to help advise on your choice of cocktails from our award-winning menu of over 20 alcoholic and alcohol-free drinks.

Each cocktail is beautifully packaged, with customisation an option.

NIO Cocktails - Needs Ice Only. Simply shake, tear and pour over ice to enjoy.
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  • Choice

    Complete flexibility to choose from our menu of 20 cocktails including alcohol-free options.
  • Convenience

    100ml single serve, award-winning cocktails that are ready to savour. Simply shake, pour over ice and enjoy.
  • Innovative

    We pioneered new cocktail packaging, now internationally recognised for its innovative stylish compact design, tactile nature and recyclability.
  • Customisation

    Create a truly unique experience for customers by customising the packaging and the cocktails.
  • Low MOQs

    Flexibility to support small and large orders, all with short lead times.
  • Transparency & Trust

    We proudly display our premium brands, ABV and don't have any hidden costs.

Cocktail mixology for every customer

  • Retail

    Sought after by consumers who know and trust NIO Cocktails, we are the perfect listing across small and large retail outlets, and we can advise on which cocktails to list to drive RoS and enhance value.

  • Hotels, Bars & Restaurants

    Crafted with premium spirits by Patrick Pistolesi, founder of the 45th Best Bar in the World, NIO Cocktails helps you serve award-winning cocktails to your guests without delay, enhancing their enjoyment.

  • Entertainment

    What better way to increase patrons’ enjoyment than by helping them sit back and relax with their world-class cocktail of choice - enhanced by speed of service and less queueing as a result.

  • Travel

    Glass-free, compact packaging means NIO Cocktails is sought-after by travel operators with space restrictions (airlines, marine, rail) wanting to offer world-class cocktails to passengers.

  • Festivals

    Easy to transport and speed of service on location means NIO Cocktails are the perfect solution for bars at busy events.

  • Private Events

    With our broad menu, including alcohol-free cocktails, every guest can enjoy NIO Cocktails whether its at the bar during your event or as a beautifully-packaged leaving present.

Trusted partner to some of the biggest global brands

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