Employee & Corporate Cocktail Gifts

NIO Cocktails are perfect for celebrating with colleagues, clients and partners

Cocktails Delivered For All Occasions

Whether it's for team building events, social occasions, celebrations, saying thank you or gifting, NIO Cocktails has helped thousands of corporate customers raise engagement and enjoyment to new levels.

You have complete flexibility to choose from our menu of 20 cocktails, including alcohol-free options, or if you prefer to select from our collection boxes or gift cards range. Personalised gift notes are also available, free of charge. No matter what you choose, we work with you 1-to-1 to deliver the perfect outcome.

Virtual or in situ, letterbox cocktails to individual recipients or larger boxes to offices, all deliveries are made via tracked courier services.
A minimum of 10 boxes applies to corporate and group orders. For more information and to place your order, fill in the contact form below or email us at info@nio-cocktails.com
  • Choice

    Complete flexibility across our menu; gift cards included.
  • Fast Shipping

    Order before 3pm and we'll send on the same day.
  • Tracked Delivery

    We track every delivery, so you don't need to.

A menu to suit every taste

  • Team Events

    Whether it's in situ or virtual, we help you develop your personal corporate bar and deliver it to each recipient, or to your office, for everyone to enjoy at the same time.

  • Team & Client Rapport

    Aside from our award-winning cocktails, enjoy an interactive session with a member of the NIO Cocktails team. Build engagement and enjoyment through team participation and the famous long pour.

  • Employee Gifts & Rewards

    Trusted by consumers and customers for our quality, service and helping to elevate occasions. There's no better way to recognise performance than by gifting and rewarding with NIO Cocktails.

  • Classic Letterbox Range

    Your choice of cocktails, box size and delivery location whether that's to individual recipients or an office. Simply tell us what you'd like and where you'd like it sent, we'll do the rest.

  • Cocktail Gift Sets

    Our limited-edition cocktail gift sets offer unique opportunities to enjoy world-class cocktails prepared in partnership with award-winning brands.

  • Digital Gift Cards

    Our Digital Gift Cards are perfect for delighting and rewarding your teams and are redeemable by recipients across our entire menu of cocktails and collection boxes.

Trusted partner to some of the biggest global brands

Get in touch to find out more

Please contact us to find out more about what NIO Cocktails has to offer, including customisation and curation of unique cocktails. A minimum of 10 letterboxes applies to qualify for a group order.