About Us

Call us idealistic. But at NIO Cocktails, we’ve always believed that everyone, no matter their skill level, deserves incredible cocktail experiences from home. We also believe these experiences are meant to be shared and that nothing, whether it’s limited cupboard space or lack of time, should get in the way.

"Everyone deserves expertly crafted cocktails at home"

Founder Luca Quagliano came to the same conclusion after having his second child. Hosting at home was his only way to enjoy a social life, but serving bar-quality cocktails was always a bit of a faff. Whatsmore, it took the focus away from his guests.

From this inconvenience, the idea for a new cocktail brand was born. Luca teamed up with friend Alessandro Palmarin and master mixologist Patrick Pistolesi – owner of one of the top 20 bars in the world, and started NIO Cocktails. A collection of letterbox cocktails that look beautiful around your home, and taste like they’ve come fresh from Patrick’s cocktail shaker.

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