Our Ready-to-drink Cocktail Supplies for Hotels, Bars and Restaurants

Delicious ready-to-pour cocktails for weddings, company parties and other private events.

Expertly Crafted Cocktails for Your Guests

Our high-quality, ready-to-drink cocktails are perfect to serve customers in hotels, bars and restaurants. Expertly crafted with premium spirits by our head mixologist Patrick Pistolesi, founder of the 45th Best Bar in the World, Drink Kong, our award-winning cocktails are designed to be of the highest quality. Quick, delicious and convenient, our range of over 20 alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks can be served to your guests without delay, enhancing their overall experience in your establishment. Simply shake our 100ml serving, tear the corner and pour over ice for guests to enjoy.
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  • Cocktails for Hotels

    Hotel guests will be able to enjoy bar-quality cocktails from the comfort of the hotel bar or their rooms with our range of delectable premixed cocktails.
  • Cocktails for Bars

    Our cocktails can be supplied to bars to help speed up the time it takes to craft a cocktail, ensuring customers are served quickly and allowing bartenders to serve more people.
  • Cocktails for Restaurants

    We can supply our flavourful and easy-to-pour cocktails to restaurants of all sizes to be served to your guests quickly and efficiently.

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