6 spiced rum cocktails to serve at your next dinner party

6 spiced rum cocktails to serve at your next dinner party

‘Tis the season to enjoy a tipple by the fire. And if rum is your usual drink of choice, then spicing it up in honour of the colder winter nights is always a delicious treat. Even if it’s not something you usually drink, a spiced rum cocktail is infamously popular to sip away at over the Christmas months.

And if you’re hosting any winter dinner parties, a spiced rum cocktail is always good to have up your sleeve, as rum is one of the most popular drinks in the world. 

It’s a recipe that was created at some point during the 17th century when plantation slaves in the Caribbean discovered that molasses could be fermented into alcohol. And what a lovely discovery it was. Since then, rum has been enjoyed across the globe, and is a firm favourite across many cultures.

In summer, rum can be paired with fresh fruits for a tropical feel. While in colder months, dark rum is always a popular choice for a winter warmer. 

What is a spiced rum cocktail? 

While many people have claimed to have started the spiced rum revolution, the only true claim to fame is likely the Captain Morgan brand, who brought the product to market officially in 1984.

That’s when the drink gained widespread recognition, however spiced rum cocktails have likely been enjoyed for centuries. Spiced rum can be defined as a rum base that has steeped or distilled with additional aromatics, making it very popular to experiment with different flavour combinations.

Nowadays, a spiced rum is usually bought ready-spiced. However you can opt to create your own using a single botanical or delicious winter flavours like orange peel, vanilla, cinnamon, cloves, ginger and cardamom.

1.  A Caribbean Christmas snow daiquiri

If you're a Pina Colada fan, this is a delicious, light rum cocktail where summer meets winter. Crafted by an expert mixologist using rum, pineapple and ginger, this premixed rum cocktail is a surprising festive combination to lift your spirits. 

We use Ron Carupano Silver Rum, Bols Ginger Liqueur, Pineapple Liqueur, Organic Citric Acid and a hint of sweet syrup in perfect measure to bring Christmas to your doorstep. The best bit? No washing up.

Hand-crafted cocktails, expertly mixed for you.

2.  Delectable spiced apple & rum cocktail 

Another incredible Christmas edition favourite that uses decadent Santiago De Cuba Dark Rum, rich apple Calvados and a hint of star anise.

Nothing says Christmas quite like spiced apple and rum, and with flavours of apple, red vermouth, sour liqueur and festive spices, your guests are sure to be asking for more. This spiced apple and rum delight sells out quickly so make sure you stock up!

Perfect to serve at Christmas or New Year's parties.

3.  A festive spiced negroni 

A twist on the classic gin cocktail, the original Negroni, but with a base of spiced rum instead. To make this drink you simply replace the gin with spiced rum and mix with all the classics: sweet vermouth, campari and perhaps a flavoured liqueur in the mix too. 

Flavours of cherry, orange and citrus fruits on the nose are followed by Christmas spice on the palate found in the rum. A great dinner party cocktail to include on your Christmas Eve menu.

4. A spiced orange cocktail 

When people ask for a spiced orange cocktail they’re usually thinking of a spiced whiskey base since the flavours of orange and whiskey pair so nicely. However, spiced rum is also a great partner for orange liqueur and ginger for a dark and stormy with a twist.

To create this festive treat, you’ll need the usual measures of dark spiced rum and ginger beer served over ice for a dark and stormy. To add the orange twist, you can add a dash of orange liqueur like Grand Marnier topped with a squeeze of lime.

5. A festive take on the traditional manhattan 

A traditional Manhattan features whiskey, bitters, and vermouth. But we like the more festive spiced rum version just as much.

This cocktail is served on the rocks, giving you that feeling of warmth from the inside out. Use a combination of spiced rum, sweet vermouth, bitters and ice and top with a cherry for garnish.

6. Warm spiced rum 

Just like a winter punch or a mulled wine, this warm spiced rum cocktail is perfect for brewing on the stove for guests while you're multitasking in the kitchen. This cocktail combines spiced rum, sugar, cinnamon sticks, orange peel and a dash of water to create a delicious, aromatic rum cocktail. Perfect for a fuss-free nightcap!

Ready to explore more winter cocktail options? Discover the best winter cocktails to cosy up with. Or, if you’re looking to buy a ready to drink luxury cocktail, the NIO spiced apple and rum premixed drink may be your favourite.

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