Whether you’re looking to guarantee having your perfect drink at hand or want to have more money to splurge on cuisine, the UK’s ‘bring your own beverage’ (BYOB) venues offer some fabulous options for dining out. From Indian and Persian to Asian and Italian, the UK is bursting with great eateries that offer the BYOB service. And, with social distancing rules relaxing, what better excuse is there to hit the town and raise a glass to freedom?

But with literally thousands of restaurants to choose from, finding the right one can be a challenge. So with this in mind, we’ve analysed all the BYOB restaurants listed on Tripadvisor that have more than 99+ reviews, to come up with the ultimate list of the highest-rated corkage restaurants across 12 of the UK’s major cities. 

The UK's Top Rated BYOB Restaurants

Through our research, we’ve discovered that the following 10 restaurants are the most highly rated BYOB establishment throughout the whole of the UK.


1. Taste of Nawab

Topping our list is North London’s award-winning restaurant, Taste of Nawab. With a 5-star rating from a huge 1,185 reviews, the Indian and Bengali dishes have been well received by many. With vegan and vegetarian, gluten-free and halal options, this establishment caters to everyone, and the best part...corkage is free!

2. Royal Watan Kashmiri Restaurant

The Royal Watan in Birmingham are pioneers in Kashmiri cuisine and have gained a very loyal customer base since opening in 1984. With a 5-star rating on Tripadvisor across 1,136 reviews that in particular praise the welcoming, friendly atmosphere that makes guests feel like family, it’s no surprise that they’ve been rated so highly. They offer excellent Indian cuisine with large portions using fresh ingredients and cater to vegans, vegetarians and those needing gluten-free options too.

3. Classic Persian Restaurant

Based in the heart of Bradford, Classic Persian Restaurant serves, you guessed it, classic Persian food. Using only the finest ingredients, to prepare their unique Persian food, they ensure only the highest quality dining experience for their customers. Rated 5-stars over 1,032 reviews, this restaurant offers vegan and vegetarian options as well as halal and gluten-free choices too and, of course, there are no corkage charges either.

4. Double Zero 00 Neapolitan Pizza

For authentic Italian cuisine with a BYOB service in Manchester, then Double Zero 00 Neapolitan Pizza is the place to go. Their pizza dough is made on-site daily and baked in a wood-fired oven which came all the way from Naples. Over the 1,017 reviews on Tripadvisor, many claim it to be the best pizza in Manchester with a huge range of toppings from various meats to more vegetarian and vegan-friendly options.

5. Beirut Lounge Newcastle

Beirut Lounge in Newcastle specialises in delicious Lebanese, Mediterranean food that includes vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and halal options. With a 5-star rating over 719 reviews on Tripadvisor, this authentic restaurant is the perfect setting for a date or a birthday brunch with friends to try out new, unique dishes and enjoy your own alcohol.  

6. Amrutha Lounge

In South-West London, Amrutha Lounge is a popular vegan, Indian restaurant with great food, great service, a welcoming atmosphere and no corkage fees. Even carnivores have claimed this restaurant has the best Indian food they’ve ever eaten and if they could recreate it at home, they’d become a vegan convert in no time. With 631 rave reviews, Amrutha also offers free meals to those who can’t afford it by just volunteering some of their time in the restaurant. 

7. Mowlana Persion Restaurant

Just a 10 minute walk away from the Cardiff city centre lies one of the finest authentic Persian restaurants in the UK. Mowlana is a fusion of ancient Persian and modern cooking techniques for a truly unique experience. Just opposite you’ll find a small off-licence which is ideal for this BYOB restaurant. With a 5-star rating across 429 reviews, this place is definitely a must-try if you’re in the area. “Great service, friendly faces, affordable prices and fantastic food - what more could you ask for” states just one happy customer on Tripadvisor.

8. The Canteen at Maker Heights

The Canteen at Maker Heights is a hidden gem of a place off the beaten track and at the top of the last hill on the Rame Peninsula in Cornwall. While the laid-back restaurant and menu is small, it’s perfectly formed with a range of local British cuisine. With outdoor seating and wonderful views of the countryside, this restaurant has a 5-star rating on Tripadvisor across 428 reviews and is the perfect place to enjoy an alcoholic drink after work or on a sunny Sunday with friends.

9. The Table

In the heart of Edinburgh, you’ll find a small and intimate 10-seater restaurant that serves outstanding European food with an obvious Scottish leaning. With just one sitting per night, if you want to eat at this truly amazing place, make sure to book a reservation in plenty of notice as seats fill up quickly! And, of course, don’t forget to bring your own beverage without worrying about a corkage charge.

10. Namji

Although they only opened in 2017, Namji has earned itself a loyal following in Milton Keynes with a 5-star rating over 333 reviews for their multi-award winning authentic Punjabi food. With recipes passed down from the owner’s late mother, this restaurant has a real family feel to it that can’t be beaten. 

Belfast's Top Rated BYOB Restaurants


Foodies are spoilt for choice with a wide selection of establishments offering corkage in Northern Ireland’s capital. Reggie’s Stone Fired Pizzeria is the clear winner receiving 5 out of 5 stars as voted by you. With dishes priced between £7 - £15 and a BYOB offering, it really is a bang for your buck. This is closely followed by a selection of establishments rated 4.5 out of 5 stars. 

Liverpool's Top Rated BYOB Restaurants


In Liverpool, the top-rated BYOB restaurant is the extremely affordable YourThai cafe. Named as the best takeaway in the North, it offers a wide range of Thai cuisine with prices between £2 - £8. Small and rustic, this restaurant has received 5 stars on Tripadvisor over 291 reviews and is followed closely by several 4.5-star rated restaurants in Liverpool all offering a unique and varied dining experience.

London's Top Rated BYOB Restaurants


Taste Of Nawab is the most popular restaurant offering BYOB London according to Tripadvisor, with Amrutha Lounge a close second and Olde Goa coming in third which all have 5-star reviews. All of these restaurants serve Indian food at reasonable prices so take your pick! You’ll also find several highly-rated seafood and steakhouse BYOB restaurants in London if that’s more your style.

Birmingham's Top Rated BYOB Restaurants


In the centre of the West Midlands, there’s no shortage of cuisine choices when it comes to BYOB Birmingham restaurants. From Indian and Mediterranean to Moroccan and Japanese, there’s something to cater to everyone’s taste. Royal Watan Kashmiri Restaurant comes out on top as the highest-rated restaurant with Akram's Kashmiri Restaurant a close second with a rating of 4.5-stars on Tripadvisor.

Newcastle's Top Rated BYOB Restaurants


It should come as no surprise to learn that Beirut Lounge is Newcastle’s top-rated BYOB restaurant with its fabulous decor and wonderful cuisine. Chillies Balti House, a small family-friendly Indian restaurant on Heaton road has also been rated 5-stars for its amazing food, down-to-earth decor and attentive waiters.

Bristol's Top Rated BYOB Restaurants


While there are no 5-star BYOB rated restaurants in Bristol, there are plenty of 4.5-star establishments offering Indian, Italian Moroccan and Korean food. The most rated restaurant on Tripadvisor with 535 reviews is Assilah Bistro & Sheisha Garden which offers outstanding African food that’s full of flavour with vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and halal options. 

Sheffield's Top Rated Restaurants


In the bustling city of Sheffield, the Italian Olive Restaurant is the highest rated BYOB establishment with a 5-star review on Tripadvisor across 283 reviews. Offering a lovely cosy atmosphere and delicious, freshly prepared food ranges in price from £9 - £25. Another 5-star rated restaurant where there’s only a £1 corkage charge is the No Name Bistro, a small restaurant with a continually changing menu that offers locally sourced food.

Leeds' Top Rated BOYB Restaurants


As the largest city in West Yorkshire, Leeds is bursting with life and culture and has a very vibrant energy. There are hundreds of incredible BYOB restaurants for people to choose from in Leeds, but the best-rated one is The Swine That Dines which offers a selection of high-quality British dishes. Kuala Lumpur Cafe is a close second with a 5-star rating over 121 reviews that features a menu of award-winning Malaysian food priced between £4 - £18.

Manchester's Top Rated BYOB Restaurants


Of course, in Manchester, the top-rated BYOB restaurant is the iconic Double Zero 00 Neapolitan Pizza, with hundreds of 5-star reviews on Tripadvisor raving about their delicious and authentic Italian pizza. Blue Sapphire, a small and affordable Thai restaurant in Denton also earned itself a 5-star rating across 325 reviews for being a hidden gem of a place where you can bring your own alcohol and be treated as though you were family.

Edinburgh's Top Rated BYOB Restaurants


In Edinburgh, The Table restaurant may be small but it’s definitely mighty and has gained quite the following in Scotland with its classic British menu full of imaginative dishes and amazing hospitality. Coming in second in BYOB Edinburgh with 5-stars over 316 reviews is Chizuru Tei, a Japanese Fusion Restaurant that’s been hailed as the best sushi in town.

Glasgow's Top Rated BYOB Restaurants


Heading over to Glasgow, the Lotus Vegetarian Restaurant is extremely popular offering a selection of delicious vegetarian Chinese food for a reasonable price. While the restaurant doesn’t have the most exciting decor, the food certainly makes up for it and the 147 5-star reviews speak for themselves! The Madras Cafe, a BYOB restaurant serving classic Indian food using recipes that are true to their roots and wholesome natural ingredients, has also been rated extremely highly. 

Cardiff's Top Rated BYOB Restaurants


The people of Cardiff are lucky enough to have not just 1, not 2 but 3 5-star rated BYOB restaurants! While the Mowlana Persian Restaurant is rated the highest with 5-stars over 429 total reviews, other top-rated restaurants include Maya, a delicious and authentic Indian with prices ranging from £5 - £15 and 5-stars across 148 reviews. Sen BBQ has also earned a 5-star rating thanks to its wonderful selection of Mediterranean and BBQ food and ultra-friendly staff.

Cuisine & Cocktail Pairings

When you’re bringing your own drinks to these restaurants, you’ll want to make sure you get the perfect food and cocktail pairing for the best experience. 

Patrick Pistolesi, NIO Cocktail’s Master Mixologist and founder of the award-winning bar Drink Kong says, “when it comes to pairing a cocktail with a cuisine, think about the flavour profile of that food type. A general rule of thumb is to go for textures, flavours and sensations that are the opposite of the cuisine you are consuming. For example, sweet cocktails really help to balance out the heat in spicy food. While cuisines that are typically heavier, like Italian, pair great with lighter, refreshing cocktails.” 

If visiting a Chinese restaurant Patrick recommends pairing the cuisine with an Orange Blossom cocktail which combines gin, orange juice and either gomme syrup or grenadine for a delightfully refreshing drink. For Indian restaurants, a classic Gin and Tonic is perfect as the crisp flavour of gin helps to soothe the spicy flavours of a curry. If Thai food is calling your name, try pairing it with a Mai Tai cocktail which uses rum, lime juice, orgeat and orange liqueur.

With so many classic Italian cocktails out there to choose from for your Italian cuisine, Patrick suggests an Aperol Spritz, an iconic Italian beverage with bittersweet flavours mixed with prosecco and a splash of soda water. For Japanese food try a Mizuwari cocktail, which is very popular in Japan and is essentially whiskey and water but created with such care and patience that your tastebuds will be thrilled. 

A Moroccan Mojito pairs beautifully with Moroccan food as the refreshing taste of coriander together with pineapple juice, mint, lime juice, spiced gin and soda water makes for a tropical delight. For Lebanese food, an authentic Za'atar Paloma is ideal as it uses a savoury and sweet blend of spices with tequila and fresh grapefruit juice. If you’re heading to a Mediterranean restaurant, you can’t go wrong with a Mediterranean Mule cocktail which combines rum, ginger liqueur, Moroccan mint tea and chambord.

To conclude, there are so many great BYOB restaurants across the country to choose from. From Scotland and Wales to the North and South of England, you’re spoilt for choice. While some do charge a small corkage fee, many such as Taste of Nawab in North London and Classic Persian Restaurant in Bradford offer no charges to bring your own alcohol. 

With NIO cocktails, bringing your own bar-quality, premium cocktail to a BYOB restaurant has never been easier, or more convenient. With a varied menu and the option to build your own box of cocktails, you’re bound to find something you love.